Progressive Pool Repair and Leak Specialists: Electronic Pin Point Leak Detection
Pool leaking? Did you know that if you are losing more than 1/4" in a 24 hour period, you probably have a leak? Don't know how much you are losing? Simply place a mark in the pool. Come back in 24 hours. If the water has dropped more than 1/4", you more than likely have a leak.

Progressive Pool Repair and Leak Specialists, Inc. can perform a leak location that includes diving and die testing the system, testing lines and troubleshooting equipment. Our company has the latest electronic technology available to assist in detecting these leaks. This technology will allow us to pinpoint any problems under the deck without having to probe throughout like other companies. We provide several options for repairing the pool if necessary.

Client comments:

Great Job all around! Miles above any other company!
-Ms. Mabbett

Thanks for all that you do! It is wonderful dealing with such a reliable and professional company.
-Ms. J. Wright, realtor

Life would be so easy if all companies were as professional as yours.
-Mr. and Mrs. I. Fishman

It was a pleasure doing business with your company from start to finish. Your honesty and integrity was truly appreciated.
-Ms. T. Knicos

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